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Hello from Holland

Plazan Regenerating Gel for treatment of problem skinHi, I'm Faberge from the Netherlands..

Always been interested in skin-care..used a lot off expensive products like creme de la mere, Sisley, Kaneboo..
Using the Plazan products for 3 weeks now..and my skin is looking great!!
Also having great results with the rejenerating gel for my exceem..
The cream from my dermatholoog did not do what the Plazan-gel does...
the excemia is calmed down.
Since I have a computer and creditcard I ordered a lot of skincare in U.S.A.
Now..using the plazan I think I was ordering skincare in the wrong part of the world..
english is not my first ...hope you understand me..

tot zover mijn "review"
Vriendelijke groeten
(kind regards..)

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my skin feels so soft and smooth..

Collagen Cream - plazan anti-wrinkleDear PLAZAN

Just writing to inform you, of the product I got from you back in August I have been using your Collagen Cream since then and I am very pleased with the results. My skin feels so soft and smooth. And makes my make up look great. I feel the tightening of my skin, and would recommend all my friends to use.

Thank you.

Sarah Quentana, Nottingham.


I noticed the puffiness had gone

Plazan Lip Contour Cream I was first introduced to Plazan products through my doughtier. She bought me the Eye Cream within a few days I noticed the puffiness had gone and the lines were less visible. I also noticed the upper lids had lifted. I am now using the Collagen Cream and Lip Contour Cream. The lines are definitely less visible. I have used all the top creams that claim to do this and that. I find Plazan Creams the best I have used, and the prices are very reasonable. So I would like to thank you very much for brining this product to my attention. I will be recommending them to friends and family.

Elizabeth Papaconstantinou, Leeds (Yorks).

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living in Cyprus.. with the change in climate

Dear Plazan
Mask-systemI must thank you for introducing me to the Plazan products. It is absolutely wonderful! Being a beauty therapist from Scotland I have tried a lot of different products. Since living in Cyprus for 18 months with the change in climate my skin has really suffered, but thanks to you and the Plazan products my skin feels fresh and hydrated again, I will continue to use the products and once again thank you so much.

Yours sincerely, a very happy Customer. Maria Milne, Pafos (Cyprus)

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suffer from Hyper-Sensitive + Allergic skin

To whom it may concern.
Re: Plazan products.
I was introduced to Plazan skin care products by a friend a few weeks ago, I would like to say how delighted I am to come across such wonderful products. I suffer from Hyper-Sensitive + Allergic skin and I find it very difficult to find products that not only care for my skin needs But also calm my sensitive skin. Since using the products I have noticed a great improvement in the texture of my skin and also how much it has calmed and cleared my skin. I would quickly recommend any of the Plazan skin care products to anyone who suffers from sensitive skin like myself. If my skin can improve in such a short time, I am sure continuous use can only keep my skin in the tip-top conditions that it is now in.

Kind regards, Karen Scully, Dublin (Ireland)

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Eczema. ....I was surprised..

Dear PlazanRegenerating Gel-Plazan for problem skin
I would like to say thanks a million times for your plazan skin Regenerating gel.
I have been a sufferer of eczema on my hands for many years and have tried everything; it was really getting me down. I was very surprised how quick it started working I put it on at night, and could see the difference the next morning. Also The relief from the itching was so good that I almost cried.

Thanks again a million, Kristy Adams

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I found that within weeks my scar had improved..

To whom it may concern.

Last December after having a surgical scar on my stomach I started to use PLAZANOL REGENERATING GEL. I found that within weeks my scar had improved greatly, and now is hardly visible.
I would thoroughly recommend this product to anyone.

Yours truly, Brian Rexter

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my lines and wrinkles..

Hi my is Debra HarrisPlazan Eye Cream-Antiwrinkle care
I’am a 48 year old mother who loves the sun!! that's why we all came to Cyprus for 345 days of sun shine!! but like most people the sun as taken its toll on my skin, I’v always had a clear complexion, but what with the heat and sun its taken its toll on my skin. I was getting very worried about all the lines I was getting especially around the lips and eyes!! Then just by chance really I came across Ost Cosmetics and there Regenerating creams! After just 2 weeks the lines around my lips were disappearing and the wrinkles under my eyes were lifting. I have been using the Day and Night the Gold ones since last September, and all my lines and wrinkles have more or less gone!! I would like to thank all the consultants at Ost Cosmetics for all there advise and of course the new youthful me.

Thank you. Debra Harris. Cyprus.

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...,which is great for camera!

I was first introduced to the Plazan skin care range through a promotion on my radio show and immediately wanted to try it. I then did a feature on Plazan for the TV and began using the creams regularly. Since using Plazan products my skin has become much firmer and feels so much better, which is great for the camera! Having tried many different products in that vain attempt to stay young, Plazan has been the best for me and I would thoroughly recommend using the Plazan skin care products to keep your skin looking and feeling younger! If only I had discovered it years ago!

Nina Desborough

TV and Radio Presenter

Plazan cosmeceutical skin care products is not only the chosen products of you the customer. They are also the preferred products of top international judges at cosmetic exhibitions across the world.

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