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Plazan skin care for men

Do we need special skin care products just for men?...
What would be the main reasons to produce this type of skin care product for men?...

Is it because men have a different skin or
is it just men's psychology?


For the majority of men the only connection they have with skin care, are shaving gel or foam before shaving, and splashing on after shave after shaving.

But in reality the same procedures should be carried out as is for females, which include cleansing, nourishing and protection. Also cosmeticians recommend deep cleansing for all men, as their skin corneal layer is considerably thicker. Peelings and scrubs not only promote cells peeling from epidermis superficial layer, but also soften the bristle, and prepare the skin for a smoother shave, therefore, this should be carried out before shaving.


The cream contains anti inflammatory, moistening, healing, nutritious and protective components. Hyaluronic acid forms a layer on the skins surface which protects skin throughout the day. Natural additives such as placental cells perfectly eliminate minor defects and cuts, restore the horn layer, being natural and identical to the skin cells, they are especially effective for damaged skin, which restore the skins protective functions and protect skin all day.
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Men's skin care series are visible on shop counters straight away. They have a special design and color. However to darken the color of a jar - does not mean to create a man's skin care line. Even in spite of the differences between man and women's skin structure, it is necessary to emphasize, that the division of skin care products between men's and woman's is very conditional as a skin care products do not focus on a skin's structure alteration.






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Men's skin is rough, it is frequently very sensitive, and is more subjected to irritation and inflammation. Normally it is a combination of dry, sensitive skin on the cheeks, and oily on the forehead and nose.

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Plazan not only give you the flexibility to choose the most appropriate, age-related product and the product according to your skin needs but also provide superior skin rejuvenation, maintenance and protection, neutralizes and removes free radicals from skin cells. Free radicals, which are created by negative environmental factors such as smoke, pollution and water toxins, destroy the genetic structure of cells leading to premature ageing.

Plazan skin care it is a professional selection of natural ingredients suitable for all skin types based on a placental cells exactly those found naturally in our skin cells to promote perfect skin condition and health.

However, taking into account the tendency of an individualization having total character in modern cosmetology such a "cosmetics division" further will go deep and be emphasized.

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