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The Latest test results

75 essential beauty products put to the test, by a team from The Irish Examiner, Face Forward Magazine.

Irish Examiner. Face forward - cover"Pick up any magazine and you will find reams of information on the latest products. It's helpful but limited. We wanted to take things a step further. So we asked ten women, myself included, to test moisturisers, eye creams and anti-aging creams.... We took the task seriously and dutifully used the moisturisers, eye creams and anti-aging creams over six weeks before giving our final verdict.", by Danielle Murphy

  All products were tested over six weeks.

The examiners have different backgrounds but all share a keen interest in using the best beauty products.

The Examiners:

  1. Danielle Murphy
  2. Sinead Geraghty
  3. Rowena Murphy
  4. Barbara Donavan
  5. Mags McGrath
  6. Sorcha Murray
  7. Caroline Gardener
  8. Regina Mulready
  9. Penny Ryan
  10. Carol O´Callaghan

(All in all, they road-tested 75 products, balancing Low with high prices.)

Summary testing data:

Plazan Eye Cream
Score:10 Danielle Murphy

Plazan skin care test by Irish Examiner

Plazan Eye Cream, € 49.60
Ease of use: A dream to put on.
Effectiveness: I was amazing, particularly after a late night or long haul journey when the skin can be puffy. It immediately tightened up my skin. I used it on the models on a recent shoot I did in the US. We had all traveled from Ireland and the ingredients in the Plazan products (cell extracts from placental tissue) were miraculous.
Value for money: Excellent.

Mac Fast Response Eye Cream
Score: 8 Sorcha Murray

Mac Eye Cream Test Score


Plazan Collagen Cream
Score:9Danielle Murphy

Plazan skin care test by Irish Examiner

Mac Studio Moisture Fix SPF 15
Score: 8 Sorcha Murray

Mac moisturiser test score


Clinique All About Eyes Rich
Score:8Penny Ryan

Clinique test score by Irish Examiner

Prescriptives Vibrant C Skin-brightening eye cream
Score: 6 Rowena Murphy

Px skin care test score

L´Oreal wrinkle decrease eye cream
Score:7Sinead Geraghty

L´Oreal Skin Care test score by Irish Examiner

Sisley eye and lip contour complex cream
Score: 6 Caroline Gardiner

Sisley Skin care Test Results


Clinique Rich Face Cream Super Defence
Score:9Penny Ryan

Clinique skin care test by Irish Examiner

Px Prescriptives skin-brightening cream moisturiser, Vibrant C
Score: 2 Rowena Murphy

Px Skin Care Test Results


Aveda Creme Hydratante
Score:8Sinead Geraghty

Aveda Skin care test by Irish Examiner

Px Prescriptives Anti-age Cream
Score: 9 Regina Mulready

Px Skin care Test Score

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