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Plazan professional anti-aging skin care is a multistage system using placental cell extracts, which has more than 20-years experience. Plazan now offer six anti-aging active components, which are:

They are used for electrophoresis procedures (has a negative charge) or ultrasonic processing in a beauty salons.

Plazan active components may be applied as a tissue mask or as a Cream Mask made depending on needs and conditions of your skin:

Tissue mask: soak a tissue in 2ml of Plazan anti-aging active component with 18ml of purified water. Apply mask and leave on for 15-20 minutes. Once removed, apply a Plazan cream containing hyaluronic acid.

Cream Mask: add 1ml of Active Component to 50ml of any Plazan cream. Rub into the skin and wait for 15-20 minutes before removing any excess with a dry cloth.

Plazan Active Components can be used irrespective of age. Owing to their effect, active components can be used by a teenager with acne problem; a woman will notice a significant skin improvement and decrease in the number of wrinkles; a man with sensitive skin can quickly get rid of after shave skin inflammation. When using active components you can always get not only a quick cosmetic effect, but also psychological satisfaction after the treatment because the results will be seen practically immediately.

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set of six active components:

Low-molecular Plazan
High-molecular Plazan
Hyaluronic acid
Placenta's glycosaminoglycans
Hydrolizat of placenta's albumens
Elastin collagen complex

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Plazan anti-aging active components are 100% compatible with our own skin cell requirements, being extracted from placental cells and do not, therefore, cause skin irritation or allergic reactions. This makes it far more effective than traditional solutions as it is readily absorbed and incorporated into the cell's metabolic processes.

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