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Plazan Placenta Collagen Mask Is highly effective cosmetic mask made from natural placental collagen fibers using a special technology that preserves intact the natural structure of the collagen used.

Functions The Anti-aging Placenta Collagen mask (pellicle) is unique in its ability to nourish and hydrate skin cells.

The mask:

  • Thoroughly cleanses skin of dirt and oil
  • Helps to smooth out wrinkles by producing a lifting effect
  • Stimulates collagen synthesis by attracting endogenic collagenases
  • Helps to hydrate skin cells
  • Increases blood micro-circulation in upper skin layers, leading to improved metabolism and general skin tone
  • Helps remove toxins from the dermis
  • Reduces skin inflammation and puffiness.

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For stable effect it is essential to apply the mask 1-2 times a week.

For the intensive rejuvenation course apply mask every day for 10-12 days. Repeat intensive course every 2 - 3 months.

The mask may also be used as a one-off treatment to improve the skin's appearance before special occasions, or as desired.

Plazan Anti-aging Masks-System Masks-tissues - use a special tissues adapted to the face contour. Set includes 10 tissues and 4 active components:
Hyaluronic Acid,
Placenta's Glycosaminoglycans,
Low-molecular Plazan,
Elastin Collagen Complex.

The principle of the masks drawing up is simple: 4 ml of any active components add to the polyethylene bag with the mask-tissue. Let the active component solution evenly penetrate in to the tissue.

There are same examples for various masks.

  1. Superficial and moistening mask - 4ml of Hyaluronic acid.
  2. Deep moistening mask - 4ml of placental glycosaminoglycans.
  3. Hydrating/Anti wrinkle combination - 2ml of Hyaluronic acid and 2ml of placental glycosaminoglycans.
  4. Mask stimulating synthesis of collagen - 4ml of Elastin-collagen complex.
  5. Hydrating/Collagen Synthesis Stimulation - 2ml of Hyaluronic acid and 2ml of Low-molecular Plazan or 2ml of placental glycosaminoglycans and 2ml of Elastin-collagen complex.
  6. Nutritious mask for deep derma layers - 4ml of low-molecular Plazan.
  7. Nourishing Combination mask - 2ml of Elastin-collagen complex and 2ml of Low-molecular Plazan.

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