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Plazan Body Care Hand Cream

Structure of all Plazan Body Care creams includes hyaluronic acid as an ingredient and highly active antioxidant - Dibunol.
Dibunol neutralizes and deduces free radicals from skin cells.
Free radicals destroy the genetic cells texture, lead to premature ageing and destruction of organism.

PLAZAN Body Care Hand Cream

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Application: Plazan Body Care Hand Cream apply on clean skin, gently massaging for 1-2 minutes. Apply the Hand cream several times a day, especially in the morning and after contact with water.

Ingredients list:

Water, olive oil, emulsive wax, glycerin monostearate, triethanolamine, placenta low-molecular Plazan, aromotizer.

50 ml

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Plazan Body Care Hand Cream combines Plazan placental preparation with low-molecular nutritive components. It intensely nourishes skin, stimulates cell regeneration and protects against harmful environmental influences such as cold, heat and chemicals.

The application of *Low-molecular Plazan renders a stimulating influence on fibroblasts and strengthens their synthesis in conjunctive tissue fibres consisting from collagen, elastin and proteoglycans . Low-molecular Plazan does not have any side effects and easy tolerance with the cells. The high nutritious properties are the key concept in the Low-molecular Plazan which determines its high biological activity.

Plazan Body Care Creams have high activity, provide skin nourishment, which comes into particular prominence during all terms of application.

Plazan openly state all skin care product ingredients and active components and explain the reason for each of them and the benefit gained by their use in anti-aging therapy. Plazan openness policy is the best guarantee our customers have of product quality and efficacy, and a clear demonstration of the confidence we have in Plazan Cosmeceuticals.

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