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What is unique about Plazan products

"Plazan" is the registered name of biogenic stimulators for medicine and cosmetology. The approach to cosmetics from a medical point of view enabled Plazan to create highly effective cosmeceutical skin care remedies, where the substances containing active components are fully compatible with the person's skin cells. Click here for more information.

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What is the benefit of using placental products for skin care?

The placental components (elastin, collagen, glycosaminoglycans, hyaluronic acid) have indisputable advantage compeer with analogues of microbe origin. They are completely or mainly (for pig placenta) analogously to substances of human skin. Therefore are "recognized" by skin as its own in processes of regeneration. They absorb thoroughly to nourish, hydrate and rejuvenate even the deepest skin layers. The use of these components does not create a "dependency", which works with principle of substitutive therapy. Click here for more information.

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There is published evidence that placenta extract has antioxidant properties, but does it have anti-ageing/rejuvenation properties?

Placenta components undoubtedly possess antioxidant properties, but their main property is slowing down the aging processes. Placenta extracts are using in anti-age therapy. An experiment of our laboratory witnesses that after 2 weeks of using placental hyaluronic acid enclose to cream gives rejuvenation effect average for 3 years by the objective characteristics of skin's derma conditions (quantitative content of glycosaminoglycans in 1 gram of skin). The anti aging affect of placental cosmeceuticals was producing evidence repeatedly on international congresses and exhibitions. As a result we was given the award "the best therapeutic technology in anti-aging prevention" in 2005 Moscow and may 2005 in Paris.

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Where is Plazan placenta coming from? (plant,animal,etc.)

The placenta is taken from a maternity hospitals in Russia according contracts and with a hospital's prices. Placenta is used for production of cosmeceutical skin care products in Russia. Beside this, a pig placenta is taken from pig-breeding farms, which do not use hormone preparations for pigs fattening for use in cosmetics for Europe. The efficiency of the ingredients extracted from pig placenta is slightly lower than ingredients extracted form human placenta. To provide products with quality of the same level, the products based on pig placenta include the active components with higher concentration.
All placental mass passes a medical and a veterinary control.

P. S. We are not aware of plant placenta. The placenta is the organ of animals or human, which provide vital activity for the fetus. We believe [plant placenta] to be a glossy term used by certain manufacturers. However, we respect herbal cosmetics where the list of active ingredients is given honestly.

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How do you extract the components from the placenta?

The extraction technology of active components from placenta is concluded in homogenization, centrifugation, processing by saline and acids (alkalis) according the technology with following ultra filtration technology for receiving individual components. The use of modern technology of separation of bio molecules lets Plazan to purify them with a high stage.

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Which of Plazan creams actually have placenta cells in them?

Plazan combine six different complexes with a powerful antioxidant and state-of-the-art production techniques to create a range of light fragrant, non-greasy and highly effective skin care creams and masks. All Plazan products contain these components with different combination and concentration according skin age and types. These are:

  1. The High-Molecular Plazan,
  2. The Low-Molecular Plazan,
  3. Hyaluronic Acid,
  4. Placenta's Glycosaminoglycans,
  5. Hydrolysate of Placenta's Albumens,
  6. The Elastin Collagen Complex.

Formula named Low Molecular Plazan includes low molecular components: adenosine triphosphate, amino acids, nucleotides, free phosphorus, iron, monosaccharides.
Formula named High Molecular Plazan includes high molecular components: albumens (elastin, collagen) and glycosaminoglycans.

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What are the key active hormones with respect to skin care? Would these affect men differently from women (eg progesterone)?

The mechanism of hormone influence to the skin is very difficult and is described in theory of organism's hormone aging. Especially intensive they show up for women by the age. The lack of women hormones tends premature aging. Androgynous (men) hormones is considered less influence on aging mechanisms but this subject need a separate article and obligatory control of specialists for hormonotherapy. Hormones present is not allowed in skin care products. We use pure components from mentioned placentas; the purification technology lets us to get the product free of hormones impurity nearly completely. Some of the hormones can be present in trace quantities. You can read our results of tests here.
In this connection the question about different affect of using Plazan skin care by men or women is seceded.

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How do I choose the best products for my skin?

Use the following link to guide you in choosing the best products for you

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Do you accept overseas order? Please advise on payment and shipment.

We accept overseas orders.

We accept Pay Pal payments, Visa Card, Master card, American Express, Discover, JCB Card, Diners.

For your financial safety, payments are made through the world-wide payment systems 2CheckOut and Pay Pal, which have the reputation of being the most reliable and safe systems of payments via Internet.

Your order will be dispatched the following working day after the order passes the fraud review and will be delivered worldwide within a maximum of 14 days or 3 days.

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What shipping and handling costs do I pay?

We have a standard shipping cost of €24. This price is the same for all orders regardless of the destination worldwide.
When your order totals over €89.99 your shipping is free worldwide!
There are no handling costs on your order.

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Is my purchase secure?

For your financial safety, payments are made through the world-wide payment system 2CheckOut, which has the reputation of being the most reliable and safe system of payments via Internet.

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What guarantees do I have?

All purchases are full guaranteed so if for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase you may return it within 30 days (from the order date) for a full refund.
We regret that we are unable to refund original shipping costs or cost of return freight charges. Goods are required to be in their original condition and packaging.

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How can I contact the company?

You can contact us using our Contact Page, by phone or by mailing us at:

Plazan Cosmetics
302 Anastazia Court,
1 Konstantinopoleous Str.
Paphos 8011

P.O. Box 64098
Paphos 8071

Phone: +357-26-930802

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How can I contact the Plazan skin care specialist?

You can e-mail our Plazan Skin Care Specialist at: Plazan Products Info.

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