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Plazan Gold Series facial skin care products are designed for the face skin and neck and differ according to age groups. Anti-aging Gold Series Creams provide superior skin rejuvenation, maintenance and protection based on hyaluronic acid and powerful anti-oxidant dibunol in combination with placental cell extracts.

Hyaluronic acid is naturally present in our skin, but its concentration declines with age and needs to be restored to maintain healthy skin. It possesses features to attract and retain water molecules (2% of hyaluronic acid hold 98 % of water). This added water concentration gives skin additional volume, making it tighter and more resilient.

Dibunol is a highly active antioxidant. Dibunol neutralizes and removes free radicals from skin cells. Free radicals are created by negative environmental factors such as smoke, pollution and water toxins and destroy the genetic cells texture leading to premature ageing.

Placental components included in Plazan creams structure are more readily accepted by our bodies than traditional components from plant extracts, being exactly the same as those found naturally in skin cells. The use of these creams nourishes the skin with those genuine components needed to renew aged molecules and stimulate cell biosynthesis.

Gold series facial skin care products nourish, hydrate and protect the skin even at the deepest skin layers with exactly those components found naturally in our skin cells to maximize skin conditions and health.

After age 35 the best result is achieved with additional application of Evening Cream to the Day and Night creams under specified sequence: morning - Day cream, night - Evening cream is applied a 30 minutes before Night.


Contains 0,025 % of hyaluronic acid, which freely penetrate in derma, into skin cells and basal layer, sharply increasing hydration of the deepest layers of integuments. Evening Cream contains polysaccharide and other anti-aging active ingredients that together nourish and hydrate skin layers, rejuvenating skin cells, improving skin appearance and smoothing out wrinkles.
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50 ml

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Laboratory testing shows optimum skin improvement is achieved in 6-8 weeks, so we recommend to purchase all our facial skin care products in packs of two to provide you with enough product to cover this period.

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Day cream is suitable for all skin types. As a protective cream the day cream is recommended to apply from 25-years age.

Contains 0,05 % pure high-molecular hyaluronic acid. After absorption the hyaluronic acid excellently distributes on the skin surface, forming light molecular layer, which actively soaks up atmospheric moisture. It increases the free water contented in the skin, reducing water loss from integument and protects skin from external toxins. This is the basic secret of Day cream for the skin top layer protection.
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50 ml

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Cream is recommended to apply from age 25.

Contains 0,05% of low-molecular peptides, essential amino acids from placental cell extracts. They wonderfully nourish skin cells on the all depths of derma, especially at night time when their activity is maximal. They are softly absorbed in skin cells and serve as a fine building material for subcellular structure. Night cream possesses high reparative and immunostimulating activity.
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Used in conjunction with Plazan Gold Series Day Cream making it an ideal preventative remedy when the skin's condition may begin to deteriorate.

50 ml

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When you are over 35 years the recommended scheme of skin care - Gold Series facial Day cream, Night cream and Evening cream - can be intensively used during 1-1,5 months. Then you use Day and Night Facial Creams. Regular application of these three Plazan anti aging creams supports the skin with active and healthy condition for a long time. Skin quickly restores its water-retaining ability, wrinkles are smoothed and become less appreciable.

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