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ost cosmetics skin care Article: YOUTH MOLECULES

A recent research has proven that people who look younger have a chance to live longer than others. Thus, whatever skeptics say - appearance is very important and shouldn't't be disregarded. We start loosing sleep over our skin right after we get 30.

In the mean time, present-day progress in cosmetology facilitates life extension and in spite of the fact that cosmetics usage has been around for thousands of years, new active components still become available for the cosmetologist's disposal, and new researches significantly increase the requirements for skin care cosmetics. Nowadays it is not enough for cosmetics to have superficial effect or give a sense of comfort. Cosmetics must be actively involved into the aging mechanisms. An aphorism says: you are as old as your connective tissue.


What is connective tissue? Let’s recall human anatomy and physiology. Connective tissue is, first of all, skin (as the biggest member of the body), vascular walls, brain, kidneys etc.

The main components of the connective tissue are:

Theses components - bio molecules are the first to combat toxins attack, free radicals and other unfavorable factors that cause premature aging.

  Scientific researches, conducted in the last 15 years, reveal the role of exogenic (introduced from outside) molecules (hyaluronic acid, glycosaminoglycans, elastin, collagen, DNA) in supporting and regeneration mechanisms of body adaptation to unfavorable factors, pathological conditions, pregnancy and age-related changes.

According to these researches the amount of Glycosaminoglycans in the skin decreases by 20% by the time we reach our 50-s and twice as much by the time we reach our 70-s. The amount of albumens (elastin, collagen) and nucleic acids in the skin does not change as we get older, However their quality changes.

Consequently, by the beginning of the third millennium there appeared such anti-aging cosmetics (anti - aging skin care) on the basis of cells (bio molecules), containing the skin's own components. Not only them, but young ones as well which get into the act of aging by way of substituting old components for Young cells, possessing powerful energy, when interacting with the aging cells, they start the regeneration process of the older cells. These anti-aging cosmetics belong to the newest development in skin care, and are called "CELL COSMETICS".

Cell Cosmetics are widely used for anti-aging therapy in the leading clinics and by beauticians worldwide. Cell Cosmetics are easy to use (offered as creams, lotions and masks) thus attracting ordinary consumers, who do not only care about their appearance but also keep track of new products in the world of anti-aging skin care.

Today many, more products are on the world market with a mark "cell cosmetics". And we believe there are going to be more of them. Because of the fact that the expression "cell cosmetics" captivates all women, who are trying to follow the latest scientific achievements in the anti-aging cosmetic industry. Especially among a networking companies that offer anti aging cosmetics based on cell extracts (including cosmetics based on stem cells extracts) for its promotion.

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