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Nice appearance is a guarantee of success in society. The concept "beautiful means good" took strong root in our consciousness. For this reason, when looking into the mirror does not produce the feeling of pride and satisfaction, anxiety arouses and you think that "something has to be done about it". But the question is: what has to be done? Should you rely upon creams and therapy action or to surrender at discretion of plastic surgeon?

Examination results show that those, who look older than their age, are in fact older than their coevals with regards to physiological parameters. Though it is impossible to give a definition to human beauty, the majority of us understand what beauty is. Such qualities as style, grace, elegance, internal energy and many others are also very important. We can keep the discussion going but the fact is that more and more people nowadays seek for plastic surgeons assistance.

Cosmetic surgery is as old as the hills. "Sushruta" - an ancient Greek writing dating from 600 years B.C.- describes a surgical method of nose repair. Today a special medical profession - cosmetic (plastic) surgery - possesses diverse means of human appearance improvement and is no longer a privilege of the rich and famous. Some procedures are simple injections; others are sophisticated delicate multi-stage operations which take a few days or weeks. Of course, nobody will promise that at the age of fifty people will think that you are not older than eighteen but ten years younger is no longer a problem nowadays. Adolescence fighters are faced with common dilemma of whether to bring themselves to "bloodshed" or to try postpone it and to resort to cosmetics?

What is better: cream or scalpel?

At all times, these questions stumped patients, also for the reason of an existing differentiation between surgeons and cosmetologists-therapists. Today medical dermatocosmetology has therapeutic and surgical branches. Nevertheless, therapy and surgery are not competitors. They supplement each other and when used together lead to brilliant results, after all each one solves its own tasks.

Unfortunately, at present, television, newspapers and magazines are full of information about supposed simplicity of cosmetic manipulations and surgical intervention. Meanwhile, life shows that there are no easy ways to beauty. After passing the surgeon's hands one can exchange his "60" to "well-groomed 60" and then ask himself a question: how justified were the sufferings and investments? Because, young face does not only mean absence of wrinkles and swollen eyes, it means shining, ruddy and elastic skin. None of the surgery methods can make the skin like it! Neither can surgery postpone or change aging process - these are the objectives of therapy! Therapy can change skin condition, improve its tonus, turgor, texture, colour and nourish and protect skin cells, that are permanently stressed. At the same time therapeutic methods cannot fundamentally solve the problem of changing face outline, overhang eyelids or change the slant of palpebral fissures , nose shape etc.

Therapy can change skin condition, improve its tonus, turgor, texture, colour and nourish and protect skin cells, that are permanently stressed. At the same time therapeutic methods cannot fundamentally solve the problem of changing face outline, overhang eyelids or change the slant of palpebral fissures, nose shape etc.

There is no answer to a concrete question: surgery or therapy.

What one or another method can and cannot do? Even if the problem has to be solved surgically, some therapeutic measures will be necessary at the stage of preparation and then for after-operation rehabilitation when creams, serums, masks are used and massages and apparatus procedures applied. In any case, it all starts and finishes with therapy. Therefore, there is no real opposition such as "cosmetology-surgery" re aging fighting. Their "powers" are strictly differentiated and each one is responsible for solving its share of problems. When the cases in point are pigmented spots, skin "quality", wrinkles both mimic and static, it is creams and other cosmetics business. They are accessible, not so radical as surgery, suitable and necessary for everybody. But age does not only mean wrinkles, but also "redundancy". Irrespective of whether a person is slim or corpulent, his body undergoes relative or absolute increase of soft tissues. So, when the matter concerns face outline and contour deformations, overh angs and other serious age-specific changes, a surgeon can get down to his business.

Anyway, which method to prefer? Surgery or Therapy?

There are no standard formulas here. Actual and biological age do not matter, it is skin condition and appearance that are important. There is absolutely no necessity in correcting all age-specific defects. And wrinkles are also different: for example those appeared as a result of smiling, do not blemish our appearance at all. An absolutely even, without mimicry traces and age face looks unnatural and unpleasantly repulsive, as mask.

The problems themselves and their elimination methods are absolutely individual. Yet, it is worth fighting for youth conservation, of course, without going to extremes. Everyday face and body skin care is obligatory irrespective of whether lifting has been done or not. Correctly chosen cream not only fulfils rejuvenating function, but also moisturises, protects the skin from photo degradation and weather stress. Cosmetics bring a lot of positive emotions and improve your mood. You cannot say the same about operations. An operation is undoubtedly a good and effective method but rather risky. That is why the majority of cosmetologists try to put it off as far as possible. There is one more weak point in surgical method of aging fighting – it is absolutely adynamic when it comes to solving certain problems. Scalpel of the best surgeon will never give you a healthy look and will never bring back elasticity to your skin.

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