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Skin Pigmentation

Moles, freckles, birthmarks…Most of us have these formations; they often appear in elaborate patterns on our faces and bodies. However few people know that such “ornaments “are not always harmless.

PIGMENTATION is a change in the color of tissue (hair, skin) caused by coloring agents – pigments. Pigmentation disorder or dyschromia is characterized by darkening or lightening of normal skin color as a result of dysfunction of pigment-producing cells (melanocytes).

Only an experienced specialist can establish the cause of pigmentation disorder and recommend the most effective treatment.
Mesotherapy with whitening agents is rather popular nowadays.
Surface and medium depth peeling is less painful but also very effective.
It can even be done in summer period, as long as one follows cosmetologist’s advice.
Cosmetology offers microdermabrasation or other whitening treatments.
All mentioned procedures bring positive results, but remember that it is easier to prevent pigmentation disorder then to treat it.

Skin color is called constitutional pigmentation; it is defined genetically. Skin color depends on the concentration of four pigments:
blue pigment – deoxyhemoglobin,
red – oxyhemoglobin,
yellow pigment – carotene, which comes into the body with food,
brown pigment – melanin.
It is melanin that protects skin from harmful solar radiation. Racial skin colors (black, yellow, and white) depend on quantity and distribution of this pigment.
Light brown melanin, pheomelanin is typical for fair skinned people; they have small amount of pheomelanin in keratinocytes surrounding melanocytes. Vice versa dark brown melanin, eumelanin is typical for dark skinned people who have large amount if it in keratinocytes. Skin color shades depend on the correlation of light brown pheomelanin and dark brown eumelanin.

Congenital deficiency of pigmentation of skin, hair, iris and the pigment coat of the eye is called albinism. It is considered that albinos have normal amount of melanocytes in their skin; however the cause of the disease is lack (or blocking) of tyrosinase enzyme necessary for melanin synthesis. Unfortunately, albinism cannot be treated.

Apart from constitutional pigmentation there is induced melanin pigmentation, which appears under ultraviolet light. This kind of pigmentation as you’ve probably guessed is called tanning.

The lighter the skin is the more noticeable the excessive pigmentation like freckles, sun burn, geriatric, hormonal and birth marks. What causes these manifestations? Is there any difference between them and can they be treated?

Moles and birthmarks are called congenital or acquired nevi. There is a difference between them. Moles are present at birth; they are benign pigmental formations consisting of nevus cells – melanoblasts. Moles are usually raised over the skin surface, they are light brown or dark brown color and always monochromatic. One should know about the danger of traumatizing moles as this can possibly cause their transformation into malignant mass. It makes sense to remove a mole if it disfigures the appearance or is exposed to friction by clothing. The therapy is chosen individually depending on the type of the mole and its location. Removal of small moles does not take a lot of time; it can be done with electrocoagulation.

Birthmarks appear in early childhood, they reach their maximum quantity in youth then start disappearing and by the age of sixty they disappear completely. Small moles barely differ from birthmarks. Moles and birthmarks hardly disturb their owners and do not constitute any danger. However, itchiness or pain round moles could be a sign of their malignant transformation. In this case one should consult oncologist and have the nevus removed if necessary.

Moles and birthmarks located on open parts of the body should be protected from ultraviolet light with the help of sun protective creams.

Atypical birthmarks (dysplastic nevi) as a rule start appearing on the skin shortly before puberty and continue appearing for many years. They emerge on a clear part of skin or as a part of complex nevus. Atypical birthmarks have distinctive clinical and histological features which distinguish them from moles and birthmarks. They are considered to be precursors and a risk factor of superficially spreading melanoma.

Another pigmental manifestation is freckles. They are typical for children with ginger hair and fair skin; they cover face, neck, forearms and the back of hands. Freckles lighten in winter and darken in summer becoming more prominent. Freckles are the result of intensified synthesis of melanin without increased amount of melanocytes. Freckles can be removed with chemical peeling or whitening cosmetic products; he choice will depend on the amount, age and type of freckles and the state of the skin. It is advisable to avoid direct sun light and use sun protective cream as precaution. Umbrella or hat with wide rims can also protect from sun radiation.

Lentigo look very similar to freckles, they are dark brown marks 1 to 5mm in diameter, which can be located on any part of the skin. Histological tests show increased amount of melanocytes in lentigo and pigmentation of deep layers of the skin. This benign formation is typical for young people and is characterized by simultaneous appearance of hundreds of marks.


Plazan professional skin care treatment is a course of masks, provides a skin renovation with normalization of pigmental cells.

Make the mask composition from the following Plazan active components:


  1. Cleanse your skin from pollution and grease with Plazan Cleansers or Cream-Scrub
  2. Apply the mask and cover with the film (you can use cling film)
  3. Leave for 20-30 min
  4. Apply Silver Series Curative Cream or Plazanol Regenerating Gel for a better result

It is recommended to apply the mask 2-3 times a week for 2 weeks. And 1-2 times a week during the next period.

Use the Diamond series creams every day Morning/Evening/Night/ as long as possible to reach the best results.

Always try to protect your skin from the sun.

Laboratory testing shows optimum skin improvement is achieved in 2-3 months, so we recommend to purchase Plazan remedies in packs of two to provide you with enough product to cover this period.

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silver series

Highly effective remedy for
problem skin and
treatment of skin diseases or virus infections

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Property of the Curative Cream effectively allows you to apply it for problem skin and treatment of skin diseases or virus infection (herpes). Lytic enzymes directly suppress development of various bacteria due to splitting of microbes shell. Owing to the Curative Cream is recommended for treatment of blackhead rash, acne and problem skin.

The Curative Cream normalise oil glands activity, effectively removes peeling at psoriasis, reduces itching at irritation or neurodermatosis and eczema, makes skin soft and elastic.
Contains high molecular components from placental cell extracts, hyaluronic acid, allogenic albumens.

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30 ml

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Apply the Regenerating Gel on a cleaned and slightly dry skin for 20-30 min on the problem area. Then rinse with warm water.


Apply Plazan Curative Cream.


It is recommended to do the procedure 2 times a day during a week, then use once at night. Keep to a diet. Protect your skin from the sun. For better results use Plazan Regenerating Toner and Deep Milk Cleanser for skin cleansing.

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Regenerating Gel Plazanol - is intended for acceleration of healing of the all kinds of skin damages

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Regenerating Gel Plazanol - is intended for acceleration of healing of the all kinds of skin damages without leaving scar formation (scar, incised, septic wounds, crush injury, burns). Anaesthetizes the articulate and relieves muscle pains.

Stimulates tissue regeneration. Antimicrobic properties of the gel are determined with proteolytic enzymes presence, which destroys microbe coat, and due to antimicrobic agents has a wide spectrum of action. The analgesic presence reduces pain effects, placental components provide comfortable conditions of regeneration process.

Indication. Plazanol Gel is recommended for treatment of blackhead rash, acne and problem skin. Plazanol is effective at sharp traumatic conditions: subcutaneous and deep wounds; burns; suppurative inflammation in fresh and chronic wounds; bruises, hematomas, grazes; ligamentous laxity; sharp skin inflammatory processes and mucous tissue; traumas of cartilaginous joint tissue; muscular spasms, and also at psoriasis, neurodermatitis and decubituses.
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30 ml

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Plazan skin care is a professional selection of natural ingredients suitable for all skin types based on a placenta cells exactly those found naturally in our skin cells to promote perfect skin condition and health.

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