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Historical facts for cell therapy

   Usually cell therapy products represent cell extracts from human or animal tissues (organs, embryos or placenta).

Note: There are plant cell and animal cell in nature. There are unicellular organisms (seaweeds, bacteria), multicellular organisms, and acellular (cell-free) - viruses. Human and animals are multicellular organisms.

It is difficult to say exactly who first started to research the properties of tissue cells and its influence on the human organism.

In 1913, Doctor Paul Nichans from Switzerland a specialist in glands implantation injected a critical patient with preparation of parathyroid glands cells taken from a sheep. The patient was cured, and Nichans started to practice cell injections.

  But where it was a problem: outside of the organism the cell could live no more   then 2 hours, after that the cell looses its active properties.

Further, research was done to find a solution for cells preservation.

In 1949 was found a method of cell lyophilization, where cells were frozen then dried.

In the nineteen fifties scientists learned how to freeze cells, and finally in 1954 they created a special liquid habitat where the cells could live eternally.

Then cell material could be stored, studied, checked for viruses etc., in other words, it was the opportunity to create cell cosmetics.

Swiss cosmetic company La Prairie - created their first cell cosmetic brand in 1978, where the liver tissues of sheep embryo were used as a source. Now this company has stopped to produce these kind of products, because "Bieirsdorf" (known as Nivea) bought it.

A short time later "Cellap Laboratoire SA" produced their cell cosmetics brand called Cellcosmet (products for women) and Cellmen (products for men). Organs and tissues of young lambs (muscles, spleen, ovary, etc.) are still used in the production of this line.

However, Forbs scientific magazine in 1997 gave the palm of supremacy for the cell therapy development to the Russian scientist because it was revealed the fact that Russian Doctor Vorontsov, was successfully using cell extracts from tissues in Anti-Aging Therapy back in the nineteen twenties and demonstrated scale of his work in France.

   It was then conceived the idea of using cell material for medicine and as a      cosmetic ingredient.

Tissue cell extracts was used in Russia during the Second World War (1941-1945) for the treatment of frostbitten soldiers.

Then later in Russia, other cell preparations were created for use in medical practice, which was based on human and animal blood. They were Interferon, Hematogen and Filatov Serum.

Plazan started its research in 1986 and entered its placenta cell preparations for clinical tests by the health authorities in 1991.

In 1998, the Ministry of Health for Russia officially recognized Plazan as the developer of the high quality placenta cell preparations.

Human and animal placentas are used for production of the Plazan skin care products. The human placentas are taken from maternity hospitals. Beside this, pigs placentas are taken from pig-breeding farms, (which do not use hormone preparations for fattening pigs) and used in cosmetics for Europe. All placental mass passes a medical and a veterinary control.

  Therefore, the first cell cosmetic brands were developed in the second half of     the last century.

Today many, more products are on the world market with a mark "cell cosmetics". And we believe there are going to be more of them. Because of the fact that the expression "cell cosmetics" captivates all women, who are trying to follow the latest scientific achievements in the cosmetic industry. Especially among a networking companies that offer cosmetics based on cell extracts (including cosmetics based on stem cells extracts) for its promotion...Read full article

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