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ost cosmetics skin care Article: Cosmetics of the future

Unlike changing fashion, our aim to be young and beautiful is constant; therefore, it is possible to say with full confidence that cosmetics production has more chances to step into the third millennium than, for example, oil industry. But what will cosmetics be in the future or what can become an alternative for plastic surgery?

It is possible that almost no one from us thought about how we will sustain our beauty in 20 or 50 years, and even in 100 years. Scientists constantly think about this and work on the improvement of cosmetics, taking into account probability of environment changes, which, most likely, will happen and become even worse, as well as stress increase and pace of living. In other words, all those factors make us use cosmetics.

  Internet-technologies. Will necessity for cosmetics disappear?

Internet-technologies develop with great speed, considerably outpacing biotechnology. Even now begins the new era, when medicine and cosmetics can be also designed on the computer and not invented empirically, as it was until now. Today they not only buy, but also get acquainted in the World Wide Web, fall in love, get married. It is possible to assume that in the future everyone will be able to smell perfumes or other smells sitting by the computer, most likely from home. For example, in the United States even now the percentage of employees, who appear in the office only one time - when interviewed, is steadily growing. The contemporary means of communication make it possible for them to work distantly. Most probably, in the future of such virtual offices will prevail. But we would not make a definite prediction here that the necessity for cosmetics will disappear (sitting at home in front of the monitor one can be without cosmetics and even not taking a shower). Such things can happe n only when humanity will completely leave for the virtual reality, and entire palette of human relations, including sex, will be substituted by a virtual one, and we will reproduce exclusively by cloning, or, in the last resort, by old "grandfather" method - by fertilization in the test tube. But most probably, what we today call cosmetics, will develop into two groups of products - skin medicine, that can "cure" wrinkles, dryness, flabbiness and so forth, and means of getting tactile pleasure, when with the help of cosmetics it will be possible to feel the touch of sea waves, sun or caressing mother hands.

It is possible that cosmetics of future will have other forms....

The cosmetics of the future will most probably possess serious preventive properties, on one side, and incredible instant radical effects - on the other side. Knowledge will make it possible to create substances, that can activate own possibilities of the skin, making it work 100%.

It is possible that cosmetics of future will have other forms (for example - solid-phase cosmetics). Special features of this form are in fine dispersion of the formula ingredients. This makes it possible to achieve their fundamentally new assigned clinical properties. The dry base of preparations makes it possible to avoid the need of adding preservatives and dyes, which often are the original cause of allergy and irritation of the skin. The life of solid-phase preparations is practically unlimited. Absence of liquid basis makes it possible to add unprecedented high percentage of biologically active substances. Addition to the solid-phase cosmetics of water, oils and other structure-forming ingredients will make it possible to obtain new cosmetics means. Different methods of use of solid-phase cosmetics will make it possible to create the entire complex of cosmetics procedures on its base.

  Today, according to the definition of the word cosmetics, only those products which are applied "directly to different parts of the human body" can be called cosmetics. Coated lozenges in blister packs are the only products that could guarantee hygiene, harmlessness and stability of the product.

Another, not less real tendency of the development of the cosmetics of the future - cosmetics in the tablets, or oral cosmetics, one of the most popular trends in the branch development, about which the specialists speak a lot. Certainly, it will not replace traditional cosmetics, but it can considerably increase its effectiveness. Until now this segment was mostly occupied by pharmaceutical companies and some cosmetics firms, which produce "capsules of beauty". However, the situation can essentially change soon. It is possible that Cosmetics Directive, accepted in the countries THE EUROPEAN UNION, will have corrections. Today, according to the definition, cosmetics are only the products, which are applied "directly to different parts of the human body".

  Alternative to plastic surgery

Artificially grown skin, however, can become an alternative to plastic surgery. The cultivation of human skin "in the test tube" is no news. The need for this material, necessary for burnt patients as well as for plastic surgery and cosmetology, is constantly growing. At present cultivated skin is used for cosmetics tests (as alternative to testing on animals) and for treating burnt patients. But it is possible that in the future the transplantation of the grown skin will become an alternative to "lifting", having principally changed the appearance of plastic surgery. And then we will be able to change skin like reptiles. The old skin has worn out - change it to the new, i.e., to the young. However, it is probable that young skin they will not be cultivated, but cloned. But cloning of certain body parts is not a problem even at present. So, the scientists of future only need to invent how to carry out such replacement painlessly.

  Long live the cream!

However fantastic cosmetics forecasts are, professionals agree that however rapidly our technologies develop, our wish to remain beautiful is constant. But, glimpsing into the future, it is good to remember that even the scientifically substantiated forecasts do not always come true. Thus, for instance, in 19th century English scientists, according to the well-known historian and science fiction writer Kir Bulychev, counted that if the number of horse crews keeps growing at the same pace, then by the middle of the 20th century London "will sink" in the horse manure, whose level will rise to the first floor. As the saying goes, comments are not needed...

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