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Skin Pigmentation

Moles, freckles, birthmarks…Most of us have these formations; they often appear in elaborate patterns on our faces and bodies. However few people know that such “ornaments “are not always harmless. Read Full Article "Skin Pigmentation "

Fundamental plastic surgery or therapeutic method

Should you rely upon creams and therapy action or to surrender at discretion of plastic surgeon? Read Full Article "Fundamental surgery or therapeutic method "

Cosmetics Of The Future

Fantastic cosmetics forecasts. What will cosmetics be in the future or what can become an alternative for plastic surgery? Read Full Article "Cosmetics of the Future "

Cosmetic Serums

Read about the Cosmetic Serums in professional cosmetology, recommendations for its use and what Rejuvenating concentrates may contain? Read Full Article "Cosmetic Serums"

Aging Skin

In order to neutralize these ageing processes we need to help the skin by providing it with those components it lacks... Read Full Article "Aging Skin"

Age-Specific Skin Care

Beginning in our late twenties, our body's connective tissue production (collagen and elastin) begins to slow down. What's more, the existing collagen and elastin fibers... Read Full Article "Age-Specific Skin Care"

Aging Mechanisms

The world science studies age-specific dynamics of skin biochemical characteristics. Today three ultimate causes of aging have been defined... Read Full Article "Aging Mechanisms"

Sensitive Skin

«What is sensitive skin?», that is being complained about more often... and has special cosmetics produced for it. But the answer to the question: «What is sensitive skin?» is still not clear for many people. Read Full Article "Sensitive Skin "

Evolution In Anti-aging Products

First anti-aging skin care appeared during the late 1980s. The first liposome ingredient delivery system was part of first generation anti-aging skin care... Read Full Article "Evolution In Anti-Aging Products"

Youth Molecules

Nowadays it is not enough for cosmetics to have superficial effect or give a sense of comfort. Cosmetics must be actively involved into the aging mechanisms. An aphorism says: you are as old as your connective tissue. Read Full Article "Youth Molecules"

What Are The Ingredients Of The Cream?

When buying a cream we check for its action and properties. But do many of us know what the ingredients of the cream are and why it possesses such properties as nourishment, moistening, protection?.. Read Full Article "What Atre The Ingredients Of The Cream"

Historical Facts For Cell Therapy

...then cell material could be stored, studied, checked for viruses etc., in other words, it was the opportunity to create cell cosmetics... Read full article "Historical facts for cell therapy"

Oily Skin

Read what causes oily skin.

Dry Skin

Dry skin has a rough, dull looking texture without shine. Pores tend to be smaller as less oil is produced causing the skin to be more vulnerable to chapping, flaking... Read The Article "Oily Skin"


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