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From the very birth our body constantly struggles for existence (with difficult environment, stresses, pathological states and many others) and, so far, man loses.

Skin Aging Mechanisms

Undoubtedly, human being's body possesses biochemical adaptation systems where the key role belongs to UDP-glucuronic acid that forms non-toxic agents (R-glucuronids). It is also stated that heredity is the governing factor of the age of life. The above-stated is proved by data. One of the functions of p53 Gen is replicative cell aging.

Yet, not more than 1/3 of biological potential of a human being's body is used. Therefore, ideally the age of 60-70 could be considered youth age.

Man's internals and skin undergo chronological aging and photo degradation. Unlike chronological aging, photo degradation depends on irradiation degree and skin pigment condition. It is also proved that in the sun protected places, skin structural components damage occurs only after the 7th decade of life while in the open-sun places already during the first decade. At the same time, skin exposed to irradiation has destroyed collagen fibers and modified elastin, which fills up collagen space. Intercellular matrix components (skin bio polymers) get destroyed and accumulate in the surface derma but not between collagen and elastin fibers as it is in the normal skin. Thus, when exposed to irradiation, not only the skin loses a huge amount of its structural components but also the aging mechanisms lead to its quantitative and qualitative changes.

Not only man's skin, but also his organs age. In the course of time, practically every healthy person experiences a significant drop of liver cells functional activity and as a result a sharp decrease of liver detoxification power. An increased number of lysed bio polymers (glycosaminoglycans) is found in blood serum whereas in the skin, liver, kidneys and brain the number of those decreases almost by half.

This clearly indicates, that washing out, escape of bio polymers from intercellular matrix of skin tissues and any other organs account for aging. According to the latest research results, it happens mainly because of hyaluronic acid reduction.

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Plazan research laboratory have been studying aging mechanisms for over 20 years now. Because of numerous tests, the most expressed and close connection was found between skin ageing and liver state – our main detoxicant.

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Aging Theories

The world science studies age-specific dynamics of skin biochemical characteristics. Today three ultimate causes of aging have been defined:
Free radical

These main aging causes are provoked by external factors and they do not allow us to use our full organism potential (known that during our life we only use 1/3 - it means that we could be still look and feel young in our 70s).

According to the first one (free radical theory), aging is a result of cell bio polymers' destruction (DNA, RNA, collagen and others) by free radicals. The second cause is our genes that start to synthesize the modified bio molecules and the third one links aging with neurohumoral frustration and hormonal disbalance.

Today, world science is researching for interdependence between organism biochemical characteristics and its age-specific dynamics.

In this case it is easy to suppose, that if aging process can be diagnosed by clear biochemical factors as an ordinary disease, then, accordingly, it can be "treated" by exogenous bio molecules introduction. Therefore, aging mechanisms can be slowed down and, at best, turned back.

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Today cosmetology offers bio molecular weight generation technologies that contain components necessary for the skin (physiologically active cell proteins, amino acids, proteins, enzymes, cytamines, trace elements, bio regulatory substances and so on). They are called cell extracts (synonyms: fetal, tissue, organ, placental, bio molecular extracts). In biochemical sense, the extracts base consists of bio molecules (cells), evolved from tissues cytoplasm and healthy animals’ organs as well as from human being umbilical cords and placentas.

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